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Join the Y in doing our part for the military families who serve this country every day.

Juleen Hernandez
How the Y keeps her sane.

It’s Friday at noon and Juleen Hernandez heads toward Sherry Welch’s Hard Work Conditioning class. “I’m here pretty much every day for a class at noon,” she says, “except for Wednesdays. My girls like to ride in the bike trailer on Wednesdays.”

The Y has figured prominently in Juleen’s existence for the past three months. Her husband, Kevin, is in the United States Marine Corps and is serving his second tour abroad until at least October. “He can’t tell me where he is,” she says, but adds that, on this tour, she only gets to talk to him for about ten minutes every two weeks. “It’s hard. He’s missed both pregnancies and lots of milestones.”

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