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Adequate Protein Can Be Achieved With Vegan Diet

by Yvonne Skinner, Y  certified Instructor, PT and nutrition

As a vegan, I am often asked this question: If you do not eat meat, dairy or eggs, where do you get your protein? I know if I am consuming enough calories to support my active lifestyle I am getting enough protein from my diet. 

Protein is pretty much in everything we eat. Take for instance, broccoli, one cup = 70 calories and is 27% protein or one cup beans= 132 calories and is 27% protein. So, a person would not lack in protein by eating a whole foods plant-based diet. 

Compare to 6oz of lean ground beef at 789 calories and 27% protein. Americans eat approximately 15% to 16% of their calories from protein and 70% of that is from animal based foods; yet an infant who will be doubling in size in six months consumes only 5% protein from breastfeeding. To ensure adequate intake of protein The World Health Organization recommends we get 10% of our calories from protein. This will virtually ensure adequate daily intake of protein for healthy people. 

Feel assured, you do not need significant quantities of meat, dairy or protein powders/supplements to achieve robust health!  Here’s to your greens and beans.

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