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Adequate Protein Can Be Achieved With Vegan Diet

by Yvonne Skinner, Y  certified Instructor, PT and nutrition

As a vegan, I am often asked this question: If you do not eat meat, dairy or eggs, where do you get your protein? I know if I am consuming enough calories to support my active lifestyle I am getting enough protein from my diet. 

Protein is pretty much in everything we eat. Take for instance, broccoli, one cup = 70 calories and is 27% protein or one cup beans= 132 calories and is 27% protein. So, a person would not lack in protein by eating a whole foods plant-based diet. 

Compare to 6oz of lean ground beef at 789 calories and 27% protein. Americans eat approximately 15% to 16% of their calories from protein and 70% of that is from animal based foods; yet an infant who will be doubling in size in six months consumes only 5% protein from breastfeeding. To ensure adequate intake of protein The World Health Organization recommends we get 10% of our calories from protein. This will virtually ensure adequate daily intake of protein for healthy people. 

Feel assured, you do not need significant quantities of meat, dairy or protein powders/supplements to achieve robust health!  Here’s to your greens and beans.

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Fat Loss Boot Camp

Charge it up in this exciting stopwatch-style boot camp where you will get an appropriate workout based on your fitness intensity level.  This fat loss boot camp will be based on scientific research on fat loss:  effectively increasing fat loss hormones while burning mega calories, toning and strengthening the body and increasing overall energy levels between workouts.  The nutrition counseling will consist of effective ways to manage weight loss hormones to promote weight loss.   Each hour will consist of 45 minutes of exercise and 15 minutes of diet coaching and questions.

Participants must bring water and a notebook (to journal eating habits, exercise & ambitions.)

Wear loose or elastic clothing & exercise shoes.

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Fat Loss Boot Camp
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