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Let’s Support Our Kids!

Young people need to be surrounded by people of all ages, who love, care for, appreciate, and accept them.  They need supportive homes, schools, youth organizations, congregations, and neighborhoods that are accepting, affirming and safe. It is important for them to know they belong and that they are not alone.

The Search Institute has identified six “support” assets. (October’s Asset Focus for Y Child Care)

  1. Family Support – Family life provides high levels of love and support.
  2. Positive Family Communication – Young person and her or his parent(s) communicate positively, and young person is willing to seek advice and counsel from parents.
  3. Other Adult Relationships – Young person receives support from there or more nonparent adult.
  4. Caring Neighborhood – Young person experiences caring neighbors.
  5. Caring School Climate – School provides a caring, encouraging environment.
  6. Parent Involvement in schooling – Parent(s) are actively involved in helping the child succeed in school.

Look for activities for helping youth understand the importance of having and giving support, and ways they can build it for themselves and others.

Here are some examples to help build these assets-

  1. When children you know are playing in your neighborhood, take the time to say hello and see how their day is going.
  2. Stop and buy lemonade from children who are selling it.
  3. Have dinner as a family and talk about each others day.

40 Developmental Assets
The Search Institute has identified 40 positive experiences and qualities-developmental assets- that all of us have the power to bring in the lives of children and youth. The 40 Developmental Assets are the building blocks youths need to grow to be healthy and productive members of society.

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