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Get your remodel updates here!

For all the latest remodel news and information, please check back regularly. We have exciting things happening every day.

Here is the latest:

  • Our new parking lot will be ready for use Thurs., Nov. 9
  • Lights for our new parking lot will be installed within weeks.
  • Portions of our current parking lot will be closed temporarily over the next couple of weeks, starting the week of Nov. 14, while we replace all of the planters making the lot more pleasant.

This is what our remodel means to you:

  • More choices all day. The Y will have 5 group exercise rooms, including dedicated group cycling and mind-body studios. With nearly 7,000 square feet of group exercise space, we can grow our land and water classes to more than 500 a week from less than 100! With new offerings for all ages and fitness levels, there’s a group for everyone.
  • Organized, time-efficient exercise experience. Your time is important, so we’ve planned the new weight and cardio room to be more efficient.
  • All in one wellness. Beyond our fitness facility, we will begin to provide more educational programs to promote healthier decisions, and offer a variety of programs
    that support physical, intellectual and spiritual strength.
  • Accessible to all. The new expansion will be entirely ADA compliant, with a
    comfortable flow between strength and cardio equipment.
  • We will stay open during the remodel with as little interruption to your
    routine as possible.

To learn more about the project please see any Y staff, review the information below, join us on Facebook at, and read our display board in the Y lobby. You can reach us at 246-9622.


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